Jen & Andrew’s beautiful Tea Party Wedding


It’s been a while since our last post, we’ve got quite used to being swamped this year but taking some time out for our anniversary has meant we’ve had no time to update the blog at all! We’ll try our best to catch up next month but for now we’d like to share Jen and Andrews wedding with you all.

This wedding is one we’ve been really eager to post, not just because it reminds us of warmer days which it seems unlikely we’ll get again for a good few months. We loved everything about Jen and Andrew’s big day, from the morning’s bacon sandwiches right through to the evening dancing where we found ourselves not really wanting to head home (Although our feet would have protested).

We’ve often said that we feel incredibly lucky to get such great couples to photograph, it makes our job so much easier because we don’t really treat what we do as work. One of the things we love is that the couples that book us, aside from being fantastic people, have fantastic relationships. When we get home and upload the photos it’s clear to see just how much the day means to everyone involved. Jen and Andrew were the perfect example of this, there were so many ‘moments’ to choose from, excited friends and family, thoroughly entertaining groomsmen and the looks shared between the dapper groom and beautiful bride.

The ceremony took place at All Hallows Church in Almondbury and the reception was held at the incredible Crow Hill in Marsden. We hadn’t shot a wedding at Crow Hill before but we were blown away by the eclectic decorations (And the vintage camera collection!) and we can see why Jen and Andrew loved it so much. Suffice to say this is a wedding we’ll remember for a long time to come and a couple who we’ll remember for much longer than that!

– Chris

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