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Hi Everyone,

2013 has well and truly began for us here at Sansom Photography, with 8 engagement shoots booked in for the next 2 weeks our busy year begins! We have been looking through our albums from last year and thought it would be fun to share a few photos from each of us from categories such as Details, Ceremony, Reception, and Getting Ready. We spend ages deliberating which photographs are our favourites and often come back to some later on. This post I am sharing today is some of our favourite detail shots, these little things are sometimes the easiest to forget. We love capturing everything on the day and telling a story through our photography is our main aim.

Ben & Amina - Sansom Photography-35

This detail of the finished bouquet resting in the sink was one of my favourite flower shots from 2012. Ben and Amina had so many lovely details we were spoiled for choice. Seeing Amina and her 2 bridesmaids make the flowers themselves at 8am on the day gave me the inspiration to do the same for our own wedding! They looked amazing and their choices of flowers were perfect. It’s a great way to save money but does require time in the morning so keep that in mind if you fancy doing the same!

Ben & Amina - Sansom Photography-209

The dress is one of my favourite photographs to capture. I love seeing every single one and capturing it in a unique way. This was from the same wedding – Ben and Amina’s. Their venue Middleton Lodge was the perfect place to photograph and with so many large mirrors it was fun to play around with reflections. This is definately one of my favourite dress shots of 2012.

Kyra & Stuart - Sansom Photography-115

Kyra and Stuart got married at Harewood House and she chose a beautiful pearl and jewel encrusted dress. The detail on the dress was what captured me first I love this shot as it brings our every little gem, one of my favourites dresses for sure!

Mitch & Sara - Sansom Photography-230

Sara and Mitch’s wedding was at Carlton Towers, with large towers and covered in ivy it had a Fairytale atmosphere to it. Sara looked amazing on the day and I just had to get a photo of her earrings. I don’t really like moving items in the morning and believe capturing things as I found them, the earrings were placed on one of the vanity tables and made an amazing detail.

Mitch & Sara - Sansom Photography-1444

At the reception of Mitch and Sara’s wedding they had a Polaroid camera with props for their guests to take a photograph and place it in an album. I found this “Laugh” prop just on the edge of a table, there was so much laughter and happiness throughout their day I thought it was the perfect detail to remember!

Anne & Andrew - Sansom Photography-1054

This is one of Chris’s detail shots from a wedding reception. Chris loves using his prime lenses and focuses more on close in shots. He is so good at noticing everything and when he saw a guy with this tattoo it was definitely worth a shot!

Ben & Amina - Sansom Photography-346

Chris really does have a talent for capturing everything at its best from people’s expressions to details, each one he frames so perfectly and focuses on the most important parts. Although detail shots to everyone can seem a bit boring all these shots add up to make a complete album and with Chrs’s film background he really gives a cinematic quality to the way he captures a wedding day.

Chris & Sarah - Sansom Photography-184

This photograph again by Chris was taken at Chris and Sarah’s wedding at Oakwell Hall. They had laid out lollipop ceremony cards on all the chairs. With amazing light beams coming through the window onto the chairs made the perfect opportunity to capture another detail. We always pride ourselves on hardly EVER using flash and working with the light we are given, not and easy task, but one Chris and I strive to be the best at.

Chris & Sarah - Sansom Photography-566

On a wedding day there are normally plenty of canapes and Chris and I always try to get the best shot of them being served out. With the canapes being carried around it’s always a little tricky to get them in focus and at the right point, something Chris and I have a little competition for each time! Chris always gets the shot and normally its the first one he’s taken! This is why we make such a good team, with both our talents in different things we really do capture everything to its best.

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