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As many of you already know Verity and I got married on the 10th of November this year in Burnsall, North Yorkshire. We always knew we weren’t going to be in for a warm day but we couldn’t have imagined the weather would be so nice. On the drive over from Leeds I kept thinking it was bound to start clouding over any minute. Somehow it never happened and despite our 3.30PM ceremony the sun was still shining when I arrived at the Red Lion.

We decided on a November wedding because it’s really about the only time of year we can, December’s busy enough with Christmas and new year website changes then it’s straight back to the new year rush in January. We borrowed a lot of our idea’s from weddings we’ve covered, looking at what we felt worked well in the last 100+ weddings and adding a few of our own ideas. Photography was a big deal for us yet we really struggled with finding someone who we felt was right for us (let’s face it we already knew what we wanted the photos to look like!). Ultimately we decided that as we couldn’t shoot our own wedding we’d do our best to capture what we could, then compile an album from that and the photos our friends and family had taken – we did happen to have a few professionals there which was another deciding factor!

We’re still working on getting all of the photos of the day together so this is a collection of our images, including some taken by my best man Luke and Verity’s bridesmaids Helen, Lois and Leonie. We really wanted to at least capture the details in our style and I was always determined to get my own shot of Verity walking down the aisle (Yep, I did have a camera on my shoulder as she walked down!)

I think in the end it made us appreciate our job all the more, as much as we wanted to take more photos once the ceremony was over we were both far too busy, excited and elated to think about shooting. We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences with future brides and grooms and helping out where we can. We never imagined just how much work it is organising a wedding despite being in the industry!

Our Venue was the fantastic Red Lion in Burnsall who provided us with not only an incredible venue but great service by friendly people and awesome food! We were so impressed with the Red Lion at Emma and Gareth’s wedding earlier this year it’s safe to say we couldn’t and wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else.

We used RG Flowers in Bradford for our flowers which were arranged perfectly by Lois, Verity and Jo on the day. We first thought of doing our own flowers at Ben and Amina’s wedding earlier this year and seeing how great they looked, we thought we’d use the same suppliers who were brilliant.

We opted for a homemade cake table to accompany our pick ‘n’ mix selection

Verity’s dad Colin Woolf wrote all of the placecards by hand which looked great

Verity wore a Blue by Enzoani wedding dress, her Tiara was from Chic and Unique up in Scotland and her shoes were by Benjamin Adams

Hair and Makeup for Verity and her Bridesmaids was provided by Jessica Goodall who had impressed Verity so much at Sharon and Stephen’s wedding last year that she didn’t even think of going elsewhere!

Rather than hire a suit I had a Hugo Boss suit which I’ll now wear for weddings we shoot from now on, oh and good old Converse All Stars!

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